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Peanut Cookies

To end the series of Chinese New Year delights for February, this is the king of all addictions: the Peanut Cookie (Fah Sang Peng). This glorious cookie can consume your entire being by just sitting quietly on the cooling rack as the aroma from the baked cookies will simply make you nutty!

The Peanut cookie is literally made up of ground peanuts, oil and flour, well, maybe a bit of sugar and salt too.. It comes in a couple of sizes; either a flat-top bottle cap sized cookie with an indent (made usually with a chopstick end or pen) or a flatten round ball with a quarter of a peanut on top. Some people add more oil to be able to roll the dough more easily whilst others like a shorter crumb and reduce the amount of flour in the recipe. Either way, this crisp but melt-in-the-mouth (just as the Kueh Bangkit) cookie will leave you wanting more, so beware.. and remember to portion it out first, 10 for you, 1 for them.. good luck!

Recipe (Peanut Cookies) Makes about 120 cookies (bottle cap size)


  • 600g Peanuts
  • 600g Plain Flour
  • 400g Confectioner’s Sugar (Icing Sugar)
  • 400ml Peanut Oil (can substitute with Canola/Vegetable Oil but not as fragrant)
  • 1 Egg


  • Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees.
  • Rinse peanuts and leave to dry. Roast in the oven for 20-25 minutes (depending on size of peanuts) or dry-fry them to brown in a wok/ fry pan over low heat. Remove skin (you can use a tea-towel and rub gently) and grind using a food processor. Set aside in a bowl. Note: Grind size is dependent on whether you like crunchy or smooth cookies (just like a preference for peanut butter).
  • Sift plain flour and icing sugar and combine with the grounded peanut. Gradually add the oil whilst constantly kneading the mixture. Note: If unsure, add 50ml of oil step by step and knead after each addition.
  • Line the baking tray with baking paper. Roll dough into balls or you can cling-wrap the inside of a bottle cap and press the dough into it (slowly remove/ unmould by pulling slightly on the cling-wrap). Make an indent or press in a quarter of a peanut on top.
  • Brush with egg mixture and bake in an oven for 12-15 minutes or until top slighty cracks and turns darker brown (from the egg glaze).

CAUTION: These cookies are VERY delicate, so handle them with care when removing from the baking tray on to the cooling rack.

As indicated previously in the other recipes, always cool your cookies first and then store them in an airtight container (that is of course, as per the Pineapple Tarts, that it survives once out of the oven). This should also last a couple of months, as the nuts are roasted (won’t turn rancid that quickly) and the fat content acts as a “preservative”.

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Charmaine Loke is currently specialising as a Patissier at the William Angliss Institute in Melbourne, Australia. She is passionate about food and loves all things buttery and sweet. Being Malaysian many of her specialities incorporate Asian flavours as it is very much part of her culture. To follow her baking journey, click on the link below.

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