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About Cinta Dapur

They say the further away you are from home, the more you loose your roots and attachment with people back home. Cinta Dapur is a gastronomic memoir of a Malaysian living abroad. With only memories to serve as guide.

Through the collection of recipes here at Cinta Dapur, it is hoped that it will relive and excite Malaysians along with everyone else on the simple privilege of being a Malaysian. What is it you may ask; Well it is the privilege of taste nurtured through the test of time. Be it the “murukku” made by the Indian lady that lives next door, “Nasi Lemak” from the Malay lady you just have to frequent every Saturday morning or the “Char Kuey Teow” from the snobbish hawker whom you would happily stand in line for 30 mins only to realise you actually gobbled it all down in 5 mins flat just so you don’t miss your next appointment.

Cinta Dapur is authored by Ivan Cho, who currently works as a Project Manager in a Digital Advertising arena in the UK. He is also a freelance photographer and a hobbyist food photographer .

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